About Us

How We Got Started

Scott and Annette Beck partnered with Mike and Jill Freeland of Freeland Photography to open and operate a first-class event space. The couples came together because both Mike and Scott are photographers and have a passion for the wedding day.  Opening a venue seemed like a natural extension of what they were already doing and after photographing at most of the venues in Kansas City they had a very good idea of worked and didn’t work. The venue is setup with a photographer’s eye and one of the best things about it is its open airy feel and beautiful natural light.  

The Team

Jill is instrumental in running behind the scenes operations at Freeland Photography and is also the main component of the Beck Event Space operate smoothly. Jill’s favorite part of the wedding is when the music gets loud and the party gets started.  You’ll often catch her moving to the beat. Jill is the smiling fun one! 
Scott’s favorite parts of the wedding day are the formalities.  He likes the ceremony, dances and toasts.  Scott is the business end of the Beck and can often be seen checking the details, making sure the trash is emptied and the temperature is just right.  He can be ornery too so watch out. He’s extra ornery to folks he likes. 
Mike handles advertising and vendor relations and is mostly behind the scenes at the Beck. Mike still photographs weddings for Freeland Photography and is often shooting at the Beck. 
Annette is a pediatrician in Independence, Missouri with Cockerell & McIntosh Pediatrics. She does come down to help out when needed and also gives support on the business side. 


Working With Us

The partnership is strong and full of crazy fun, each person has their strengths and we all enjoy being there for our clients.  If you book with the Beck be prepared to be treated like family. Depending on your family that could be interesting!  In all seriousness though, we look out for our business, but our ultimate goal is that you have a great experience and we will work hard to make your wedding day all that you have dreamed.

Davies Brothers Garage - 1915
During Rennovation - 2017
The Beck - Today